Fielding Tips

Welcome to the fielding tips section of CricInfo. Here you’ll find complete guides on all aspects of cricket fielding to make you an excellent catcher, thrower, mover, and overall fielder.

Sharpen your skills in these fielding fundamentals through focused drills and training:

  • Catching – High catches, low catches, slip catching, wicket-keeping catches. Safe hand positioning and movement.
  • Ground Fielding – Stopping, collecting, throwing, hitting stumps quickly and accurately.
  • Athleticism – Speed, agility, diving, lateral movement. Reaction time and footwork.
  • Throwing – Picking up, gripping, throwing overarm, sidearm, hitting stumps.
  • Specialist Positions – Slip fielding, gully, point, covers, mid-on/off, wicket-keeping.
  • Field Settings and Strategy – Positioning, teamwork, cutting angles, bowling to field.

Become an outstanding cricket fielder by mastering these abilities through regular, purposeful practice. Analyze and improve your fielding continuously.

Have a request for a fielding tutorial? Let me know! I’ll provide tips to improve any area of your fielding.