Bowling Tips

Welcome to the bowling tips section of CricInfo! Here you’ll find detailed guides to help you master fast bowling, spin bowling, swing, seam, and more.

I provide step-by-step instructions on grip, run-up, delivery stride, release, and follow through for various bowling techniques. Practice these tips in the nets and apply them in match situations to improve your bowling accuracy, pace, and variation.

Bowling Article Categories:

  • Fast Bowling Basics – Grip, run-up, delivery stride, release, follow through.
  • Pace and Swing Bowling – Generate extra pace and swing through your action and seam position.
  • Spin Bowling – Grip, finger flick, wrist spin, arm speed, and flight for turning the ball.
  • Line and Length – Bowling to your field, variations, and maintaining discipline.
  • Bowling Psychology – Building confidence, resilience, aggression, and competitive spirit.
  • Bowling Plans – Constructing overs to build pressure and take wickets. Field placements and partnerships.
  • Training – Strength, conditioning and bowling drills to enhance your bowling.

Elevate your bowling to the next level through purposeful, regular practice. Analyze and improve your technique constantly. The knowledge shared here will help you become a better bowler.

Let me know if you have any requests for specific bowling tutorials! I’ll provide tips that deliver results.