Batting Tips

Welcome to the batting tips section of CricInfo. Here you’ll find a wealth of instructional content to improve your batting technique, strategy, and mentality as a cricketer.

I break down all aspects of batting in detail from grip, stance, footwork, shot selection, leaves, and defense. You’ll develop a more repeatable, effective batting method based on sound fundamentals.

  • Technique – Master proper grip, stance, footwork, backlift, shot execution, defensive strokes and more.
  • Batting Against Pace – Tackle swing, seam, bounce. Play late, use the crease, read lengths.
  • Batting Against Spin – Use feet and reach to smother spin. Pick the googly, sweep effectively.
  • Shot Selection – Build a batting strategy. Choose your shots wisely based on field settings.
  • Leaving and Defending – Develop patience and discipline outside off stump. Know when to attack and defend.
  • Building an Innings – Learn to construct a long, match-winning innings. Rotate strike, maintain tempo.
  • Psychology – Build resilience, concentration, confidence, and mental toughness.

Master these batting skills through focused training. Analyze your batting regularly and keep improving. The tips here will help take you to the next level as a cricket batsman.

Have a request for a batting tutorial? Just ask! I’m here to provide batting tips that deliver results.