Cricket Rules

Cricket Rules Explained

Welcome to the cricket rules and scoring explanation page on Cricinfo! Here you’ll find simplified beginner guides to help you understand:

  • Basics of cricket rules – overview of positions, pitch layout, game formats
  • Players and officials – roles of batsmen, bowlers, fielders, umpires, scorers
  • Batting rules – order of play, runs scored, extra runs, outs/dismissals
  • Bowling rules – overs, wide/no balls, maiden overs, maintaining line and length
  • Fielding rules – positioning, preventing overthrows, backing up throws, stopping boundaries
  • Umpiring – procedures for appeals, handling violations, signals, third umpire
  • Scoring notation – runs, extras, dot balls, strike rotation, partnerships, calculating totals
  • Major cricket terms – covers common cricket jargon from googly to silly mid-off!

With these cricket rules fully explained in simple language, you’ll become familiar with how the game is played from start to finish.

Still have questions? Let me know in the comments! I’m here to clarify any aspects of cricket rules that seem confusing.