New Zealand

Although cricket is popular in many countries, none of them can compare to the level of popularity that is found in New Zealand. More than 200,000 people live there and almost half of those play professional rugby football (known as soccer outside of North America).

The country has two major leagues for club sports teams: The Wellington Lions in the National Rugby League and the Waitakere Ranges Terriers in the National Premier League.

There are also several local independent clubs producing high-level players. With such a large concentration of sporting talent, it is no surprise that some impressive matches and tournaments are held in New Zealand.

Some of these include the annual Charity Cup tournament for both national rugby league and union sides, the Lenaghan Motorworks Festival which sees up to 25 entrants in various car competitions, and the Chiba Charger Men’s Open Golf Day where professionals compete alongside residents from the local area.

South Africa

which countries play cricket?

It is one of the most popular sports around the world, as cricket is played by almost every country! But which countries do people play crickets in countries outside of India and Pakistan?

The Republic of South Africa is where you can find thousands of players who are willing to try new things. As well as that, there exists several different leagues with different levels of players. There is also at least one state-run tournament each year, hosted by either the provincial government or the national federation.

There are also international tournaments throughout the year for any country looking to hone their skills or trying out new things. With so many states running their own competitions, it has made for some very talented players.

Some of the top teams include the West Indies Team, England Team, Australia Team, and the Kiwis. These teams have produced millions of dollars worth of talent over the years, making them huge clubs to look into when investing in player development.

Sri Lanka

which countries play cricket?

With its tropical climate, vast fields of green tea gardens and tourist attractions such as beaches and national parks, you would think that Sri Lanka is all about sand, sun and sea. However, this small country in South Asia is home to one of the world’s most popular sports – cricket.

More than 100 years old, the sport known for being fast-paced and aggressive has a special place in the culture here.

The popularity of the game is so great that even during the civil war years people still played it. The government made peace with the Tamil Tigers (a militant group) by allowing them space to play their games at school.

This helped spread the love for the game. As more civilians got involved, teams were formed, tournaments were won and cricket schools were built. Now thousands of young people are playing cricket every year. And just like any other sports league, professional matches exist between rival teams.

There is also an independent Sri Lankan Premier League which features mostly local players. These leagues hold several events throughout the year marking major milestones along with prize competitions.

West Indies

which countries play cricket?

Sir Vivian Philip Benjamin Miller (born 26 March 1938) is a former West Indian cricketer who played in 143 Test matches spanning four decades from 1961 to 1991. He still holds several bowling records for India, including the all-time leading scorer in Tests with 378 appearances, of which he had taken at least one wicket in 834 innings. In doing so, he broke what long stood as the record after eight years since its establishment by Muttiah Muralitharan. On his retirement, remaining test cricket records held by him included the most number of fifty-wickets in both tests and one-day internationals. Apart from being a prolific bowler, Miller was also known for bringing up notable achievements such as scoring 200 not out against Pakistan in Dhaka and taking six wickets in an innings twice in Test match, and keeping clean bowls for 35 minutes and making 86 runs in that span respectively.

In 2004, Miller became 18th recipient of the ICC Champions Trophy named Best Cricketer in the World. In 2004, when batting, he scored 4,325 runs at a high average of 54.60, with three centuries and thirty fives. As a fast bowler, he took 731 catches and made 612 runs at a very good average of 37.88, completing the feat of 1,042 runs at 56.00 in both cases putting himself among top batsmen in the team. His statistics are comparable to those of Don Brad