Sri Lanka

Which countries play cricket world cup?

The reigning champions of world cricket, Sri Lanka has made a name for itself through its dominant performance in international tournaments. Their Test match dominance earned them a spot as one of the top-ranked teams in April 2015. They continue to impress with their tight performances in matches and have received positive feedback since then.

The team’s home ground is Colombo, but they also play their fixtures in India and abroad. The upcoming series against England may be their best chance at winning an ICC event again before they head into bidding for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

With players like Mahela Udawatte and Thisara Perera leading the way, there should be talent across the squad. Upcoming series will decide if that potential can be fulfilled or not.

A solid rung on the ladder, competing at a high level regularly is what helps build confidence within a side and the individual players. A successful World Cup would help bring more attention to the game in these islands and increase popularity.

New Zealand

Which countries play cricket world cup?

The official song of the FIFA cricket world cup is Can’t Stop the Feeling! But if you’re looking for a catchy tune to help get you pumped about your team, then Try To Again is definitely worth listening to.

It was written by two former professional rugby players from New Zealand who are now living in Australia. The lyrics reference soccer rules as well as the try that defines their nation’s game.

New Zealand has hosted the world champion football teams — Spain and Japan — as well as runners-up Turkey (2014) and England (2021). Qualifying rounds for those tournaments are held at Twickenham stadium, which hosts the annual Rugby Championship competition between South Africa, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand.

South Africa

Cape Town is home to Springbok Rugby, but there’s another sports team that calls this beautiful city home…the WACA cricket ground.

This stadium has played host to several sporting events over the past few years including Bollywood Celebrities’ Night in January 2018. The players put on an impressive show complete with dance moves and mascots!

There are only two places to watch international rugby at the WACA Ground – you can either grab a spot along the hillside or book one of the seats that look like balconies.

The away fans are further from the action compared to those who catch a view from their own side, so try to pick a seat that gives your body the best angle.

With a capacity of 77,000, there isn’t much time to spend chatting after each match anyway.