First aid kit

What Is The White Cream Cricketers Put On Their Face?

While some people believe that using moisturiser is enough for your skin, it’s not! That is only to be applied onto the skin. The rest of the products in your first aid kit are actually part of your anti-dandruff shampoo and scalp treatment!

Many professional cricket players use a specific product line made by an organisation called CricketSport. This includes their “first aid kit” which they refer to as their “rugby team spirit pack”. It also has a special name – Teamwork.

This pack contains various thin, almost watery liquids such as hair gel, lip balm, sunscreen and eye make up. Some brands call these extras “layers” or even “coatings” but we will keep it simple and just say “eyebuy” for them all.

What are they called? Eye buy or eyelash glue

These are very good for closing small wounds or sticking together pieces of broken skin so that you do not lose too much fluid. These are especially helpful if you get cut while doing active sports like running, netball or football.

Lip balm

Many professional cricket players have their own lip-balming secrets they like to use. Some prefer natural products such as coconut or cocoa butter, while others add some glitter to make their product more attractive.

Many use brands of chapstick or lip salve that contain beeswax so that it does not melt away too quickly. Some people also adds antioxidants in order to promote healthy skin growth.

There are many types of lip balms out there and your player might suggest one that works for you!

Blocking spray

What Is The White Cream Cricketers Put On Their Face?

A blocking sprays is typically marketed as “white cream” or “sunscreen crème.” It goes onto your skin like lip balm, but with an additional ingredient that protects you from sun exposure.

The protective element comes in the form of zinc oxide, which acts as a barrier to UV rays by reflecting them back out. Some people even say it has antioxidant properties!

Blocking sprays are usually quite light and refreshingly cool to apply- just make sure your hands are well washed afterwards! They can also be slightly thicker than regular lip balms, so feel free to use a matching brush for better coverage.

Eye drops

What Is The White Cream Cricketers Put On Their Face?

Many professional cricket players have their own personal eye drop brands they use to make sure their eyes are as fresh and clear as possible. These typically include anti-inflammatory agents, artificial tears, or both.

Eye drops that contain glucosteroids work by preventing fluid from leaving your eye. When you’re doing something like playing a sport, this can be difficult to achieve because you need to focus heavily on what you are watching or listening to.

Glucocorticoid eye drops come in different strengths and some even have herbal additives in them to help soothe dryness. Some people feel that these additional ingredients may interfere with how well the drug works though!

There are several sites where you can research which eye drop brands are safe and effective for your specific needs. This is an easy way to find out if one of the popular cricketer eye drop products works for you!