The game of cricket is one that has grown in popularity around the world. It can be difficult to learn how to play, even for those who have played before!

There are several different types of cricket games and strategies. Different formats such as test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), Twenty20 (T-20) games, and others all require different skills. Some people prefer certain styles of the game, while others enjoy experimenting with different versions.

This article will go into detail about some of the basics of the sport, what format each type of match is, and some tips on how to start playing. For more in depth information you can refer back to our previous articles here at Aussie Cricket Blog!

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Play cricket the right way

What are the basic rules of cricket game?

There are five basic rules that every player must know how to do in order to play the game correctly. These rules apply to both recreational players and professional cricketers, and even if you don’t plan on playing professionally, it is important to understand them because they help set up good habits for amateur players.

The five fundamental rules are as follows:

Rule #1 – Keep your hands out of the ball while batting or fielding

This will probably be one of the hardest rules to obey since it goes against our natural instincts as humans. As children we would run around throwing balls all the time, but as we grow older we need to teach ourselves to relax and not throw things so easily.

When you do take a catch, make sure you pull back quickly to avoid hurting yourself or damaging the object you have caught. Never push forward with your hand or body when catching a projectile!

As far as batting is concerned, never stick your arm straight down when hitting the ball. If you feel like you have to then cover as much area of the ball as possible by swiping or chopping instead of using power. Your arms should move gracefully along with the bat.

These three tips can also be used during field settings such as running between the wickets or chasing down a rebound after a missed shot.

Focus on your own game

What are the basic rules of cricket game?

There is no point in watching cricket if you cannot enjoy it yourself, if you are not invested in the sport as a player. You will lose interest quickly!

Football (soccer) players spend most of the time talking about the “beautiful” games they saw the other day or the latest rumours surrounding their team. They never seem to focus on what they could do next week, or how well they can play themselves.

Cricket fans may also talk too much about who should be picked for the national side, or which brand of beer goes best with the game. But very few people actually sit down and watch cricket to see what the professionals do at this beautiful game.

It is great to admire others’ talent but only once you have achieved something yourself. To really appreciate the game, you need to work hard to achieve your goal. This way, you will know whether what you are seeing is good for you or not!

Football (or rugby league) players often speak about the importance of keeping cool and focusing on your own personal performance. People usually agree that it is important to learn from the mistakes of others, but many feel that talking about failures is more likely to hurt than help you.

However, there is an interesting theory called the Pychological State Theory that suggests that discussing our feelings could actually make us perform better.

This theory claims that emotional states such as anxiety, fear and stress can enhance motivation and concentration.

Respect the opponent

What are the basic rules of cricket game?

In cricket, there are several types of violations that get someone disqualified or suspended from play. Some of these are throwing your bat or ball, walking off the field without giving an explanation, using illegal equipment like shoes or mouthpieces, hitting another player with no reason, etc. All of these things occur very quickly so it is hard to know what happened before you see the action live!

There’s also something called “time-wasting” which happens when one team delays in leaving the pitch for some reason. This can be done by talking, taking too long to change positions, or just not moving at all! The other team will usually try to call time but that isn’t always easy because they don’t want to appear impatient or lack respect for their opponents.

Always keep your eye on the ball

What are the basic rules of cricket game?

The first rule we mentioned is to always stay focused on the ball. This sounds very simple, but it can be tricky at times for people who are not familiar with cricket.

When you are watching a game, there may be lots of things going on around the field that can distract your attention. If someone is talking or laughing really loudly, they may get distracted as well.

There could also be something happening in the field or the pitch that looks interesting. All these things can pull your focus away from the ball, so make sure you remain aware of it at all time.

This will help you understand the rules more clearly and give you an advantage over other players. It will also help you enjoy the game more because you’ll be able to fully concentrate.

Keep your wicket safe

What are the basic rules of cricket game?

As you can probably tell, keeping the cricket ball in the field is an important part of the game. The goal of the keeper is to save the ball as many times as possible by using different strategies.

The most basic way to keep the ball in the field is by using your hands or feet. If it bounces away quickly, use your hand to grab it and push it back into position. If it takes longer to bounce, use a foot to stop it rolling away.

There are three main rules when playing the goalkeeper: don’t drop the ball, don’t let it go out of the boundary, and don’t let it go over the fence!

If you have ever watched a soccer match then you will know what I mean when I say that the players seem to be in slow motion while trying to prevent the other team from scoring.

Know the rules before you start

What are the basic rules of cricket game?


The term “basic rule” is used to describe any fundamental element of cricket that does not require much explanation. Some examples are how to throw, run or catch a ball, what happens when a player is out, or what constitutes a legal play in cricket.

There are five basic laws in cricket. These are referred to as the Laws of The Game and they regulate almost every aspect of the sport.

When a batsman reaches his personal limit of six consecutive balls without scoring a single run, he will be awarded a penalty run. This is because Law 10 states that if a batter fails to score a run within six balls, he must immediately take an additional run for each unearned ball hit.

This article will go into more detail about these five laws and how to know which ones apply in different situations.

Play on grass

What are the basic rules of cricket game?

Grass is one of the most important parts of cricket equipment, as it determines how well your ball travels and whether or not you can make a run. The length of the pitch plays an integral part in determining what kind of shot you will have to take.

Grass varies in quality depending on the climate where the game is played. In warmer climates, the grass is longer and this makes it more difficult for the ball to get up and speed. This means that batsmen must be very careful about which shots they choose, as they may need to alter their style or use different types of balls.

In colder weather, however, the shorter grass allows the ball to bounce higher, making it easier to hit over fences or into the hands of the outfielders. Batsmen who play in these conditions are able to go after much softer targets than those doing so in other areas!

There are even some theories surrounding why there is no proper name for the type of grass used in cricket. Some say that since it does not grow tall like regular lawns, then it should not be called grass at all.

Know the rules before you play

What are the basic rules of cricket game?

The game of cricket has several basic laws that all players are expected to know. These include how to field, who can run with the ball, what constitutes a legal throw, when a player is out, and more.

The Laws of the Game are made up of five different components:-

Away from the wicket (bowling)

Across the pitch (fielding)

Throwing the ball

Running with the ball

Keeping the foot behind while running with the ball

It is very important for every cricket player to be familiar with at least the basics of each of these parts of the law.

Fielders must keep their feet together when they jump into the air to catch or knock down a batted ball, and they cannot push away with one leg as this could result in them being given out LBW (leg break down the wall).

As well as this, there are three main types of bowling action: fast, medium and slow. All bowlers have their own unique style which they use to deliver the ball, and the type of action they use determines what kind of speed the ball gets delivered at.

For example, a high pace bowler might take longer to pull back after delivering the ball than someone who bowls around the same speed but comes forward much faster. This creates extra time for the batsman to react to the ball.