Top edge

What are different types of cricketing shots?

A top edge shot is also referred to as a scoop or a drag-shot. You can learn how to do this trick in cricket by practicing it yourself! This is one of the most basic shots in field hockey or even netball, so why not add some flair to your game with it in cricket?

The top edge has you bounce the ball off the pitch just like a volley but instead of using your hands, you use your feet! To perform this action properly, make sure your foot is slightly angled upwards, and then quickly drop your leg down before bouncing the ball. Your goal here is to have the ball go up and away very slowly, almost as if it were rolling away from you!

This shot can be used when batting or bowling, and is usually limited to medium paces because of that. However, if you are able to hit this shot at a fast pace, it can really help turn the tide of the match!

Drop shot

What are different types of cricketing shots?

The drop shot is one of the coolest cricket shots you can try! It’s also one of the hardest to execute correctly. In fact, most professional cricketers don’t even know how to do this shot properly!

The drop shot was first introduced in rugby union football (or soccer as we call it here in America). This sport uses a ball that is slightly heavier than an average size beachball. A drop goal or drop punt is when a player takes a kick and then drops the ball down for it to roll more slowly towards their team’s try line.

This tactic wasn’t used much during rugby union play because the balls were too heavy to pull off effectively. However, some creative coaches have experimented with lighter balls and are able to get similar results.

Cricket has light bails which allow for easier dropping of the ball. Therefore, giving your team more opportunity to use this technique.

Back leg

What are different types of cricketing shots?

The back leg shot is one of the most common shots in cricket. It can be used as an batting or bowling stroke. When performed correctly, it is meant to create more power when hitting the pitch or the ball. If done wrong, however, then it could hurt your foot or even cause injury!

When playing back leg, you must make sure your front foot is able to move forward properly. You will also need to make sure that your heel drops quickly so that you can gain enough momentum. All of this must be done before moving your back foot.

The outside edge of the foot should roll across the ground and not drag along the grass or turf. This way, you increase your balance and keep control of the shot. Because the goal is to hit the ball with power, you want to make sure your hands are prepared to receive the ball.

Practice makes perfect!

Back arm

What are different types of cricketing shots?

The backarm shot is one of the most famous shots in cricket. It is also referred to as a cover drive, back swing or simply a back smash. To perform this shot you raise your bat level with your front foot, then immediately lower it and hit the ball with enough power to send it either up the field or down the pitch.

The timing and strength of the shot are dependent upon how hard you want to play the ball. Because it is very powerful, it is mostly used for hitting longer balls (off-bounce) or close to the body where the player can run after the ball.

The backswing must be done quickly and naturally so that no person could tell you practiced it. If done too slowly, the shot will not work because you will not get time to complete the motion. You should know what kind of spin the ball will have before deciding if and when to do the backswung!

Front leg

What are different types of cricketing shots?

The front-leg shot is one of the most basic shots in cricket. It’s also one of the trickiest, as you need to be able to do it well to win or lose a game depending on whether you use your feet effectively.

The front-leg hook is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their batting by learning how to add some variety to their play. By adding some flair to your game, even if only once in a while, you will inspire yourself to try new things!

By trying out different types of front-leg shots, you can find many uses for this powerful stroke. Some good examples are:

Playing defensively with the hook

Taking advantage of a loose ball or bad bounce

Placing more pressure onto the bowler so that he makes a mistake

Getting into very strong defensive positions using the hook

If you want to learn how to hit a high quality front-leg hook, then here are some tips!

Dead ball

What are different types of cricketing shots?

A dead ball shot is not scored as a goal or a field goal, but it can be quite entertaining to watch! A dead ball shot happens when there is no player in position for the other team to try to run onto or pick off of a pass, so the players are able to do something funny like kick the wall or take a running jump into the empty space.

A good example of this happened during the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup between Japan and England. In the second half, after both teams had already traded goals, an incredible backheel led to Japanese forward Shizuka Ota scoring what seemed to be an impossible goal with just under five minutes left to play.

However, before the ball even crossed the line, English defender Rachel Faucett was able to slide and knock it away using her foot! The referee called a penalty and awarded the match to Japan, who eventually won 4-2.

Switch hit

What are different types of cricketing shots?

The switch hit is one of the most iconic shots in cricket. It was first used by Don, an Australian batsman who would flaunt this shot frequently during his career. He would place the ball anywhere between forward and back foot with his bat facing either side and then run behind it to scoop or throw it out.

The name comes from when he would do this while running towards square leg and leaving him able to field there if they could get their hands on the batted-ball before he did. Because he left the ground so quickly, it gave the impression that he had swiped the ball but instead made it bounce and roll into their territory.

This is now considered a legal way to play the game and is done all too often by professional players. However, you should never try to pull off this trick unless you are very experienced at the game!

Leg glance

A leg glance is one of the most basic shots in cricket. The player who throws the ball with their foot going away from the target line will usually have to run after the ball, as it comes back towards them at a very fast speed. If done properly, this shot can be quite powerful!

The name “leg glance” comes from the fact that the throwing leg must go beyond the side-line for it to count as a legal hit. Since the goal is to make the batter miss the ball, if you can get the ball to bounce off the ground or roll out of the way then that is good!