Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world! There are over 200 cricket playing nations, and every country has their own way of doing things. Some use different bats, balls, or gear such as gloves and leg guards.

Different countries have different ways of scoring runs and hitting balls. Different fields, layouts, and conditions can make it hard for people to learn the game unless they are practiced under those circumstances.

Luckily, you do not need to know how to play professional level cricket to enjoy the sport. You can simply pick up your ball and bat and start having fun!

Many individuals begin learning how to play the game at a young age. With technology coming down in price, there are many easy ways to be ablet o access the games easily.

There are several websites that offer free lessons to teach you the basics of the game. By walking you through position, fielding, batting, and bowling techniques, you will be well on your way to being a cricket player.

This article will go into more detail about some basic shots that anyone can learn to play the game. These include: The Hook, The Leg-Hit, The Pull, And The Drop Ball.

Strike the ball hard

Learn  Basic Cricket Shots: How to Play as a Beginner

The next important thing to know is how to strike the cricket bat hard. When you are batting, your mind will be on many different things: running down the pitch, figuring out where to position yourself for a shot, thinking about what kind of shot you want to play, and then striking the bat!

To hit it hard, make sure your hand is closed and your arm is fully extended when you swing the bat. As you bring the bat up, keep your elbow bent so that your forearm forms an angle with your body. Your wrist should be slightly flexed or curved upward- perfect before you take a big swipe at the ball!

When you’re able to do this, hopefully we have already given you some idea of how high you can swing the bat without hurting yourself too much. But remember, no matter how hard you try to hurt the ball, it won’t break easily!

That’s because heavy bats are built to handle very strong swings, which is why professional players use them in practice. If you feel like you could go harder than normal, give it a try, but only if you really know what angles your arms and hands need to form and if your muscles are tight enough to prevent any injuries.

Hopefully these tips help get you started as a beginner player! Now let us look at some easy shots.

The pull stroke

This is one of the easier ways to start playing cricket.

Keep the ball low

Learn  Basic Cricket Shots: How to Play as a Beginner

The first easy way to learn how to play cricket is by practicing your batting. Once you are able to hit through the ground with ease, then you can move onto playing some shots.

The easiest way to begin learning the game is by doing something that almost every beginner does wrong! When you pick up the bat for the first time, try to keep it level. This will help your body get used to moving the weight of the stick in different ways so that you can more easily transition into swinging it around and hitting balls.

Once you have mastered keeping the bats level, you can start working on getting the ball flying through the air. By lowering the handle at an angle, you create more space within the barrel of the bat where you can push down or pull upward to send the ball sailing away.

This trick works best if you are just starting out because the longer handle gives you more control over the size of the ball you hit. As you gain experience, you can increase the height of the bat to launch bigger, straighter balls.

Know the rules of cricket

Learn  Basic Cricket Shots: How to Play as a Beginner

The next level in cricket is when you learn how to play some of the more common shots. These are called cricket shots or bowling styles, so they are referred to as bowling styles. Some of these can be played by most players even if you do not fully master them, making them more like fundamental skills than advanced tricks.

The most well-known of all cricket shots is probably the scoop shot. This is an easy one to learn and is usually just practiced on a regular basis unless there is no chance for a run. By practicing this shot regularly, your game will improve due to it improving your batting average!

Another very popular cricket shot that requires practice is the hook shot. This is done by raising your front foot slightly and stepping with your back foot towards the stumps, then swinging the elbow and arm across the body, around the side of the wicket. Then finally pulling the ball backwards through use of your arms and legs.

Yet another basic cricket shot is the drive. To perform this, step forward with your front foot and swing the bat up and back, almost hitting the ground, before jumping onto the pitch with the weight on your feet and leg. Use your hands and chest to hit the ball as high and hard as possible, typically leading to a quick boundary run.

Play defensively

Learn  Basic Cricket Shots: How to Play as a Beginner

A lot of people start playing cricket by trying to hit hard with every shot. This is not a good way to begin!

To play the game properly, you must know how to take defensive action when your team is behind or needs a break. You will learn how to do this in these lessons!

By knowing the basics of batting, bowling and field settings, you’ll be able to prevent yourself from getting out and giving someone else an opportunity to come back into the match.

This article will go more in depth about some basic shots that anyone can try out for fun and also improve their own skills.

Know the different types of catches

Learn  Basic Cricket Shots: How to Play as a Beginner

A catch is anything where the fielder snatches out an object with his hands or feet. A bare hand catch is when he simply grabs something with just his hands.

A foot-gathering catch is when he uses his feet to grab the ball and then pull it in using his hands. He may also use a scooping action, where he bends over and gathers the ball with his body or chest.

The most difficult type of catch is one that involves going for a run. This is called a diving catch because you have to dive/jump into the field to make the snatch.

There are three main reasons why a player might drop the ball while fielding. They can be due to lack of practice, poor technique, or physical limitations. It is very important to know what kind of throw these players made so you can learn how to do it properly.

Know the different types of hits

Learn  Basic Cricket Shots: How to Play as a Beginner

A cricket shot is any type of stroke that you use to hit the ball. There are several basic shots in cricketer jargon, but for beginners, we will start with the scoop or back swing.

The scoop is one of the easiest types of shots to learn how to play cricket. To scoollock the ball, you lower your bat head before stepping forward at an angle. Then, you swipe the blade of the bat across the pitch, creating a curved path for the ball to travel along.

This style of shot is helpful in situations where you do not have time to set up properly. You can still produce quality swings even if you do not have enough time to position yourself correctly. This shot is also very powerful because it uses momentum to help propel the ball towards the batsman.

Know the different types of shots

Learn  Basic Cricket Shots: How to Play as a Beginner

Different type of cricket shots are categorized according to their goal or what they will do for you. These include hit-it-hard, swing ball, bounce, keep it in, slider, nibble, drop shot, hook, top shooter, back foot punt, draw, spoon and googlie – all of which can be done at beginner level.

A good number towards the end is a really tough ask! So why not start with the easy ones? The basics like swinging the bat up in the air and hitting the ball with your hands are pretty straightforward.

Once these are mastered, more difficult variations can be learned. It’s best to work through this order so that beginners don’t get too overwhelmed.

Swung bate (hit-it-hard) – A swung bater uses spin to give you extra pace to hit the ball with. This is usually done using either a fast paced swing or a slow deliberate one.

Swinging the bat upwards gives you more power due to how much energy is stored in the muscles before being used. If you watch any cricket videos or read some book chapters about batting, then you’ll probably come across lots of swung bats.

Bounce – Hitting the ball just hard so that it bounces high off the pitch. This is typically done by stepping forward and letting momentum carry you.

Know the different types of bowlers

Learn  Basic Cricket Shots: How to Play as a Beginner

As mentioned before, there are three main types of bowling action that position your arm, leg, and body to make the ball move. These include straight-arm bowls, knee-buckle bowls, and back-swing bowling.

Knowing which type of bowler you will be facing is very important so you can prepare for their style. For instance, if a right-handed batsman goes into a left-arm over or rounder, she may want to practice batting with her left hand to get used to this new shot.

It’s also good to know what kind of pitch you will be playing on. If it’s more like a tennis court than a baseball field, then you will need to work on moving more around the crease instead of running down the pitch.