Cricket is a beautiful game that has become very popular worldwide. There are several ways to get into cricket, whether you want to play professionally or just for fun. Becoming more familiar with the sport comes down to learning how to bat and field, and then picking your favorite team to represent!

It’s easy to pick up basics of the batting side of the game (or what people call “fielding”) but if you want to take things one step further, learn how to be a bit more sophisticated with the ball. This article will go over some basic tips on this matter!

There are three main types of bowling in cricket- fast bowlers, medium paced bowlers, and slow bowlers. Each type has their own special style they use to gain an advantage over the batsman, so knowing which ones match yours is important.

This article will also talk about some terms like strike rate, average, and most importantly, what all these numbers mean.

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Learn how to bowl

Learn  Basic Cricket: How To get started as batsmen

Bowlers are usually categorized into two different types, slow or fast bowlers. A slow bowler will take a lot of time to get going and then he can be difficult to start because you have to wait for him to put in some work before he is ready to play.

A good number one batsman will give you that chance though by not being too protective of his wicket. He may even invite you to attack him so that you can learn how to defend against his strengths.

There are many ways to improve your bowling so whatever level you are at now, look into it more.

Practice throwing the ball

Learn  Basic Cricket: How To get started as batsmen

While throwing is not an easy skill to learn, it is one of the most fundamental skills for cricket batsmen. It does not require very expensive equipment, only a good thrower can truly appreciate how important this skill is.

Throwing is also one of the few actions in sports that do not need a lot of space or terrain to be done successfully. You don’t have to have clear grass when you practice your throws!

Practicing with a tennis ball will help you get the hang of it quickly. All you really need are some soft surfaces and a friend to bounce the ball back for you!

The best way to improve your throwing ability is by doing so frequently. This could be at the school, college or club level, or even just within yourself if you want to hone your own throw.

Practice batting

Learn  Basic Cricket: How To get started as batsmen

As mentioned earlier, practicing your batting is an integral part of cricket. Once you get into the game, professional or not, you will need to know how to bat!

Practicing as a batsman means anything from just practising at home, using a pitch or net, with a stump and a ball, to going outside where there are real balls being hit by other people.

It’s very important to understand that practice does not make perfect. It makes you better though!
By doing this every few days, you’ll be on track to learn the basics of batting and then you can move onto more advanced concepts.

There are five main positions in which most batsmen like to position themselves when they go out to strike the ball. These are called the ‘shots’.

They are usually named after what kind of shot it is (eg hook, pull, cut) and which end of the field it is played at (backfield, forward defence). But what all these shots have in common is that they require you to lift the front foot off the ground before hitting the ball.

The reason for this is so your feet work together to generate power when you swing the blade of the leg side (right) foot across and back behind you, creating some serious torque and momentum to help propel the ball through the air.

Find a cricket league

Learn  Basic Cricket: How To get started as batsmen

If you are looking to learn how to play cricket, then your first step should be to find a league that is willing to accept beginners. Most sports have leagues for all levels of players, even if it’s just for practice!

Most countries have national governing bodies that organize competitions for different age groups (usually kids up through high school) and adult teams. These organizations usually offer coaching and training programs to ensure player development.

They also often run open events or matches where anyone can watch the games and take some tips from the pros.

Join a cricket league

Learn  Basic Cricket: How To get started as batsmen

Finding a match to watch or play in is one of the most important things when starting out to learn how to play cricket. There are many ways to find a game to watch, whether it’s through your local club, via an online streaming service, or by organizing your own!

Most sports have at least two games per season with enough people involved to form a proper crowd so why not organize yours? You could even start your very own tournament if there’s enough interest.

There are several different types of leagues you can join depending on what level you want to compete at. Some only let professional players participate while others are for recreational use.

Learn how to field

Learn  Basic Cricket: How To get started as batsmen

Fielding is one of the most important parts about cricket, as it requires you to know what position you will be in when the ball is bowled or hit towards your side of the pitch. You have different types of fielding positions, such as short leg, cover, long-leg, gully, outfield, and half-back.

The lower levels of the game do not require very much skill in fielders, but as you climb up the ranks yours will!

Fielders must know their assignments inside out and be able to perform them quickly and correctly if they want to keep their place in the team.

There are many ways to learn how to field, so whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, there’s something for everyone here.

Learn the different positions

Learn  Basic Cricket: How To get started as batsmen

The next position you will learn is how to identify your batting style. What kind of player you want to be comes down to what types of shots feel comfortable to you. There are five main styles that most cricket players have, and these are known as the major styles.

These are all batsman who play in their own style, and not many can switch it up! Most people are either middle-order (number six or lower) or top order (number one through number four).

The top order typically likes more powerful shots such as front foot drives, overheads, and pull shots. This is due to the fact that they are usually playing at a higher pace and need something hard to get a good drive off the ball.

The middle order prefers slightly more elegant strokes, such as cuts, pulls, and paddles. These balls have some degree of elegance to them, so they’re easier to hit. A lot of very talented cricketers are masters of the middle order shot.

The number six position is called “power house” because they like to go big. They like to use strong legs and feet to launch power into the ball with solid punches.