When it comes to bowling, speed is of the upmost importance. How fast you are able to get your arm going can make a big difference in how many balls you strike and how high you hit them.

If you have a slow hand speed, then it’ll take you longer to get those strikes!

That’s why being able to increase your hand velocity is so important. You want to make sure that when you do roll a ball, you’re as quick as possible.

Luckily for you, we have some helpful tips that will help you improve your striking skills. Read on to learn more about these pro tips today!

I would like to add one thing before reading this article – be realistic with your expectations.

No matter what tip or trick you implement into your game, you WILL need to practice it. I know it may sound cliché, but practicing really makes a difference.

Hopefully you will see results within a few days though, at least numerically!

Speed drills

Most professional bowlers use very specific motions during their games. They spend time working on their swing, rolling, etc.

However, most beginners never seem to find much success after trying to imitate the professionals. Why?

Because they cannot consistently replicate the moves needed to become a top bowler.

That’s where speed training steps come in handy. A speed training step is usually done under controlled conditions.

Speed up

Increase Your Fast-Bowling Speed with These Pro Tips

The best way to increase your bowling speed is by practicing, practicing, and more practice! While there are several ways to improve your ball roll, investing in quality rolling shoes is one of the most important things you can do to boost your game quickly.

We have gathered some great tips here that will help you get the most out of your feet as you throw the ball.

Improve your lower body strength

Increase Your Fast-Bowling Speed with These Pro Tips

One of the biggest limiting factors to how fast you can throw the ball is your lower body strength. When throwing a baseball, every part of your body works together in harmony to achieve this goal!

Your legs, feet and ankles work together to keep yourself balanced as you toss the ball. As such, improving your lower body strength will help you increase your batting speed.

To improve your lower body strength, do not worry about practicing with a tennis ball or softball first. Begin by doing frog jumps on a hard surface before moving onto easier surfaces like sand or grass.

Once you are able to perform at least 20 good quality jumps, move onto performing front and back leg drops. After that, add some knees and foot slides for more advanced athletes.

Practice makes perfect

Increase Your Fast-Bowling Speed with These Pro Tips

Being faster at bowling is not like being more knowledgeable or skilled about the game, it is actually knowing how to move quickly that determines your speed. This is why practicing your swing, practice your roll, and learn the rules of the game are so important!

Practicing your swing will help you get the ball into the gutter quicker which can give you an edge over other bowlers. The same goes for rolling the ball, better rolls mean longer balls which gives you time to think while you reorient yourself after each throw.

The last rule we will talk about in this article is learning when to hit soft, medium, hard, or very heavy depending on what type of shot you want to play.

Knowing when to use different types of shots helps you maximize your efficiency as you go through the motions of the game. For example, if you always shoot very light balls then you do not have to invest much energy into getting the ball to stay on the mat long enough to take a decent length.

But remember, too many light throws may cost you points due to poor accuracy.

Slow down and take a break

Increase Your Fast-Bowling Speed with These Pro Tips

After an average throw, you can quickly lose your speed before you even get going! The most common reasons for this are poor hand placement or lack of muscle contraction in your throwing shoulder.

If you have beginner level skills, it is very easy to drop your ball speed after a good workout. This can be frustrating as you strive to improve your game, but don’t give up just yet!

The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is by giving yourself some time off between workouts. You will need to let your muscles recover properly before moving onto the next activity.

This is totally normal and something we do at NGC! We know how important consistency is when it comes to bowling, so we always recommend giving yourself a few days between workouts to allow for this recovery.

Work on your lower body strength

Increase Your Fast-Bowling Speed with These Pro Tips

When throwing the ball, you want to be able to throw it as hard as possible!

That means muscles must work together in unison to achieve that goal. One of the biggest weaknesses of most professional bowlers is their weaker legs.

Bowlers often times struggle to get going because they cannot push off properly or pull up with enough force. They also tend to hold back because they do not have enough momentum generated from their own internal resources.

If you are struggling to find the right balance in powering through the leg, then try working on increasing your muscle mass here. This will help strengthen your muscles so that you can rely more heavily upon them.

You can also make use of fitness equipment to aid you in this process. For example, you can purchase ankle weights which you can put on either side of the foot to increase weight bearing capacity.

Practice makes perfect

Increase Your Fast-Bowling Speed with These Pro Tips

Being able to hit the ball longer doesn’t happen overnight, but with repeated practice, you will get better at it the more time you spend doing it. The best way to develop your skill is by diving in and trying different types of bowling drills and exercises.

There are many ways to improve your fast bowling speed so here are some tips that can help!

Practice good rolling technique

This means keeping your weight back and balanced, using both hands efficiently, and rolling from the waist rather than the upper body or legs. When practicing your roll, make sure your shoulders drop down and your chest rises – this creates momentum which helps propel you forward faster.

Practice with light balls

For example, if you’re going for five hundred yards, start off with a one hundred yard pin to assess how well you’ve practiced your roll and how quickly you’ll be able to increase your pace as you gain experience.

Avoid overworking yourself during practices though, instead try to do two minutes’ worth of rolls every couple of hours to keep things fresh. Also, don’t worry about making a mistake – even professional bowlers have days when they struggle to feel relaxed while practising.

Slow down and take a break

Increase Your Fast-Bowling Speed with These Pro Tips

One of the biggest reasons why people get frustrated while bowling is because they set their goal too high. You should not strive to be the best shooter or the highest roller, instead strive to enjoy yourself.

If you want to become a better bowler, then start by simply having fun. Bowling is a sport that can be practiced any time, anywhere, so do it!

You do not need special equipment to begin. Either buy some basic shoes or try buying second hand ones from online sellers.

There are many ways to learn how to bowl like a pro, but being a beginner does not mean you cannot have some fun.

Practice makes perfect

Increase Your Fast-Bowling Speed with These Pro Tips

Being faster at bowling is mostly about practicing, practice, and more practicing! This can be done in your spare time or during game time if you are a professional bowler.

Practicing with your regular ball will help you improve your speed slightly but it’s not very helpful unless you have a target audience to test out your skills on.

This is where online bowling games come into play. You can actually create an account free on most sites and test yourself against other people just like you.

These gaming websites also allow you to earn points and prizes for being clever with your shots and tricks.