The term “fast bowling” typically refers to bowlers who are able to generate speed with either a ball or leg-arm combination. As such, these fast bowlers usually do not need to use much energy to get the job done.

However, there is more to being a successful bowler than just having a quick hand. You have to know how to effectively use your body as you throw the ball. This includes knowing when to push yourself physically and when to relax and let your natural abilities take over!

This article will talk about some basic exercises that can be used for any type of bowling style, whether it is spinner, power, or swing. These exercises can be practiced at home or by a coach during a game.

There are three main parts to this section. First, we will discuss some lower body moves that can help direct the ball in different directions. Then, we will work on getting rid of excess muscular tension so that you can truly relax and focus only on throwing the ball. Finally, we will practice using your feet efficiently to balance and shift your weight which helps determine the direction the ball goes.

But before moving onto the exercise, make sure to read the full lesson first! It will cover some important points including why these drills are needed and what types of bowls you should look into practicing them on.

Practice batting changes

How to Master the Art of Fast Bowling

A lot of fast bowlers struggle with their bowling speed because they believe that if they are not as quick as before, then there is no need to practice changing your arm angle or how quickly you swing your ball.

This can be tricky when you go into a game for the first time since you have been faster than normal. You may feel very nervous which could affect your performance negatively.

It is important to remember that even though you will probably want to play more slowly, this does not mean that you should completely drop your balls. Rather, use these practices to improve your slow deliveries so that it feels natural and you do not have to work too hard at it.

Practice your slower bowling style regularly so that you get used to it and don’t forget what tempo you intended to put onto the pitch.

Always keep your batsmen guessing

How to Master the Art of Fast Bowling

As mentioned before, fast bowlers love attacking different parts of the field with their bowling. Doing so keeps the opposition nervous which is what you want for any type of game.

Attack the legs, attack the stumps, attack the batter’s weakness, it really doesn’t matter!

Your goal as a bowler is to make the other team feel uncomfortable. You don’t necessarily have to be very good to do that! A well-executed slow or medium pace delivery will usually get the job done.

But there are times when even the best bowlers need some help. There may come a time when you struggle to find that perfect ball, or you might not feel like going out there and being boring and average.

In those cases, it is better to go faster!

A fast paced bowling session can boost your confidence and help take your game to the next level. It also helps in creating more excitement for the spectators who watch your games.

Use the same fast bowling action every time

How to Master the Art of Fast Bowling

There is no one specific way to do it, but using the exact same action every time will help you master the art of fast bowling.

The fast bowler uses their feet and knees to propel themselves forward while keeping their legs slightly bent at all times. When they are able to fully straighten their leg then the ball comes out much faster. The muscles used in this action are mostly quadriceps and glutes.

Practice your muscle relaxation during the run up so that you don’t have to work too hard to slow down your body. This can be done by breathing slowly or practicing yoga before gaming.

Focus on your arm-ball control

How to Master the Art of Fast Bowling

The second key element in fast bowling is how you use your wrist and forearm when throwing the ball. As mentioned before, using higher hands produces faster balls, but only if you are able to throw it with good rhythm and timing.

Too often we see high-armers who try to force their throws or pump them up too much which results in the ball being either flat or not very powerful. They may also get some speed, but most likely not enough for batsmen to be impressed!

The best way to develop strong wrists and arms is by working on having slow, smooth motions. This takes practice, so don’t expect perfect every time until you feel comfortable. That is totally normal!

Once you have the basics down, then you can start adding some tricks like rolling your elbow forward as you release the ball or scooping the ball up with your hand as it comes through.

Work on your leg-break

How to Master the Art of Fast Bowling

The most fundamental bowling stroke is the leg break. This is also referred to as junk bowling or drop ball bowling because it resembles dropping a heavy box down onto an incline.

The bowler throws the ball hard with his/her arm, and then rotates their foot so that the back toe drops off the edge of the pitch. As the ankle bends, the weight shifts onto the front foot, causing the ball to spin and curve in the opposite direction.

This kind of bowlers use their legs more than their arms when throwing the ball, making them rely more heavily on their legs for power. Because they are using their legs more, fast bowlers learn how to work with weaker muscles and strengthen those that can be used less.

There are three main reasons why having strong legs is important to being a successful leg-breaker. First, if you watch cricket or soccer, you will see lots of players who switch between offense and defense. For example, a defender may need to go forward and play offensive midfielder.

Second, many teams have a striker position right next to the middle field player. In order to be a middle field player, you must know how to defend as a centerback or goalkeeper, but you don’t have to worry about scoring too often! A well-trained leg-bowling athlete could become a goal scorer at a lower level.

Develop a good run-up

How to Master the Art of Fast Bowling

A fast bowler’s run up is one of his biggest weapons. You can have the best bowling action in the world, but if you don’t know how to use it, then it means nothing.

A fast bowler needs to be able to get into position quickly when he bowls so that he has time to develop his arm speed and trajectory before he gets the ball moving. He also needs to be able to control the size of the stride he takes for each delivery so that it doesn’t affect his rhythm or balance.

Finding your run up comfortable will take some practice, but once you do, you’ll find yourself using it instinctively. Your feet will automatically start to move as you prepare to bowl, and you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease with yourself.

Make sure you’re not injured

How to Master the Art of Fast Bowling

Kneeling with your leg bent up is one bad habit that fast bowlers sometimes fall into, especially when they’re bowling close to their limit. As you can probably guess, this position can hurt really badly at some points during the game.

When bowling, make sure to be very conscious about how much force you are applying through each ball. If you feel pain while doing so, it’s time to stop!

This goes double for front-foot bowlers as well. When you run out of balls or strength, drop your arm and foot position until you feel comfortable again, or use a weaker ball before trying to push harder ones away.

Bowlers who suffer from knee or ankle injuries often have to give up the sport because they cannot perform actions with proper intensity.

Practice with a bowling machine

How to Master the Art of Fast Bowling

While most people start practicing their bowling by rolling a ball as fast as they can, this is not the best way to improve your game. The fastest bowlers are usually those who practice using a speed bowler or quick-bowling technique.

A more efficient method is to learn how to master the art of slow bowling. This type of bowling uses a lower roll and slower pace than what people normally use. By learning how to do this, you will be able to achieve higher scores than you would otherwise!

There are several ways to begin practising your slow bowling. You can take lessons from a professional coach that teach the craft or you can pick up some tips here for you to try out.