This article will talk about how cricket, one of the most popular sports in the world, got its start. If you have ever watched a cricket match or listened to someone speak about the game, then there is a good chance they mentioned the term “cricket ball”.

The word comes from the latin word cricetus which means curved. The first written record of this word dates back to around 300 AD when it was used for what we know as the volleyball. At that time, people referred to anything with a rounded shape as a cricket ball.

However, it wasn’t until much later that the word was adopted specifically for the sport we know today. Until the early 1800s, the size of the field and number of players didn’t make sense because there were no balls large enough to use!

Now, let’s take a look at some important milestones in cricket history.

First recorded cricket match was in 1760

history of cricket when and how it started

Cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world. Originally known as gam-gam, or “playing with balls”, it was first played by British soldiers during their idle time. As the game gained popularity, people began to organize formal matches which are now recognized as the sport we know today as cricket.

The word cricket comes from the Latin term crista meaning ball or stick and -gere, -gum, -cum or -cura, -tude, -tis, referring to something that grows or proceeds. Therefore, the English language version of the game is growing or proceeding like a lightning bolt!

History has shown us many things, including how football (soccer) overtook rugby (rugby union) as the number one team sport in England. So, if you ever wondered why there is no cricket league in this country, here you go!

Since its inception, cricket has been through several phases. The earliest versions were quite different than what we have today. For example, back then, teams would use bats and balls made out of wood or bone instead of plastic ones.

Another difference is that players didn’t wear shirts with sleeves, they either had short sleeve jerseys or bare chests. Also, there were no helmets, goal posts, or nets – just a wall where the batter could run after being hit for an out.

First cricket match was held in England

history of cricket when and how it started

Cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world. There are several different versions of the game, but they all have something in common — a ball that players use their hands to hit or bounce off of a pitch or field of play. A batter hits the ball with either a stick or a bat and tries to get it past a striker who waits for the batted-ball at the other end of the field.

The first recorded cricket match took place on April 23, 17 *summer* day 1574 at St Peter’s Church Field in Hambleden, Buckinghamshire, England. For those of you less interested in history than we are here, “winter” is the season between fall and spring and summer is when plants grow so there were no seasons back then!

A group of British aristocrats played a kind of volleyball using balls made out of leather and wood. The sport grew in popularity throughout Europe where people incorporated rules into what games they called cricket.

In fact, some say that cricketer Charles II learned how to play cricket while imprisoned during his exile in France. He brought this knowledge home with him when he returned to rule England as an adult.

That being said, many consider August 30th 1602 to be the true start date of modern-day cricket.

First cricket match was held in USA

history of cricket when and how it started

The first recorded game of cricket took place on May 30, 1845 at Lake Wyola in Upminster, England. Two teams made up of eight players each played for twenty minutes with an oversized leather ball that weighed five pounds.

The field consisted of three goals and two covers, which are similar to a baseball infield. Each player had to pay ten shillings (about $150 today) to watch the game.

Four years later, Lord Frederick Beauclerk organized another cricket tournament at St. James’s Palace in London. This time, the rules were changed to have twelve men per team instead of eight, and play lasted until dusk.

In 1850, Richard Daft hosted the first-ever international cricket match between England and Australia. At this event, people cheered when the Australians scored but booed whenever their own side scored.

A year later, Australia won the next four matches against England, making it six wins out of seven games! Since then, every World Cup has featured at least one cricket competition.

First cricket match was held in Australia

The first recorded game of cricket took place in England in 1772. Two teams would take turns to hit a small, padded ball across a field using their hands and feet. If the batsman got it past the other team’s boundary line, he or she was awarded a run.

The size of the pitch, the use of padding on the balls, and the length of time that people have been playing cricket mean there are many theories about how cricket originated.

One theory is that players from different tribes would play each other by having contests to see who could throw the ball through a net the furthest. This evolved into having a circle area where the batter tried to score as many points as possible.

Another theory is that medieval English soldiers played a similar sport called cobball which is now known as rugby. They used large round shields for goal posts and a smaller target made out of leather filled with sand or gravel to be kicked.

These games were then mixed together until someone had the idea to do it with a flat ground and a bigger target like a wall.

First cricket match was held in South Africa

history of cricket when and how it started

Cricket is an ancient game that has had many different forms and versions. The first version of the game we know about was played by Ancient Greeks around 500 BC.

It was called “Grymgeveg”, which means ‘army ball’ or more broadly translated, ‘ball with markings like those used to measure out land for armies’. This early form of the sport involved two teams of players using smooth balls made of leather or clay.

The goal was to hit your opponent’s ball as hard as you could while keeping it in the field of play. If your team managed to do this then yours were declared winners!

A few hundred years later, another form of the game emerged known as ‘ruggae’. This was much faster paced than the earlier army style games and only lasted twenty minutes.

In England, a gentleman named William Lilly started developing his own take on cricket in 1612. He called it ‘association football’ and it quickly became popular.

However, it wasn’t until five decades later when some gentlemen at Oxford University decided to mix association football into their newfangled game that things really took off.

This new game was officially named ‘cricket’, and thus began the modern era of the sport.

First cricket match was held in Germany

history of cricket when and how it started

Cricket is an ancient game that has been played for centuries across the globe. The first recorded instance of people batting with a ball comes from Ancient Greece, where they called it ektana. These greeks would play this sport during festivals and celebrations such as Dionysia or Agrionia.

It wasn’t until much later when England became the home of cricket. In 1636, Sir Francis Godolphin gave his students at Eton College permission to use the school playing field for their own entertainment. This new past time quickly caught on and spread like wildfire!

Since then, many different countries have had their turn to host an international cricket tournament. Some even consider themselves to be the “official” cricketing nation despite not having ever won a major championship!

The most famous teams are probably India, Australia, and England. All three of these nations have made significant contributions to the growth and popularity of the game. Not only do people watch them actively to see how the games are run, but also because they are very entertaining to watch!

Football (soccer) seems to dominate the sports media landscape right now, so cricket sometimes gets overlooked. However, it still enjoys quite the fan base all around the world.

First cricket match was held in Ireland

history of cricket when and how it started

The first recorded cricket game took place somewhere in England around 1730, but it wasn’t played between two teams of men, it was more like today’s football — it involved one team of people trying to hit a spherical object with a stick as hard as they could!

A similar game had been played in India since at least 1636, so it seems that what we know today as ‘cricket’ originated there before being brought to Europe and then Australia.

The word “rugby” comes from the same roots as rugby union which is now the most popular form of the sport worldwide.

But back then, it was just called “association football” or even “soccer” due to its confusing similarity with another sports genre known as soccer.

First cricket match was held in France

history of cricket when and how it started

The first recorded game of cricket took place in England in 1755. Two teams played each other on a field that had a gully, a large ditch or low wall between the pitch and the street. If it is considered as a modern baseball stadium, then this would be similar to Fenway Park in Boston or Wrigley Field in Chicago.

The goalies were protected by leather pads called “ball-guards” which are still used today. These ball guards helped protect your goalkeeper’s face from being hit by a high pitched ball.

It seems like there wasn’t much strategy involved at this early stage of the game! Teams just tried to score more goals than the opponent using whatever tactic they could think up. This changed when William Lilly published his book A New Ball Game in 1648 where he described an idea for how to play what we know now as cricket.

History shows that many cultures have adapted the rules of cricket to fit their culture and environment. For example, the Italians added netting to prevent players from running into the street while playing.