Top cricketing shots to play as a beginner

Best types of cricketing shots to play as beginner

The hook is one of the most powerful shots in limited-overs cricket. It’s also one of the easiest to execute, which makes it great for beginners looking to add some power into their game.

The Hook is hit using only your front foot and by stepping forward with your back foot. When executing the shot you want to make sure that your front leg is slightly behind the ball so that your body weight can pull through and generate power. Your goal is to create enough momentum to get the ball going forwards beyond the boundary or even over it.

This article will show you the best hook balls of all time!

Leg-side spin

Best types of cricketing shots to play as beginner

A leg-side spin shot is when you pull your front foot away and through, while keeping your back foot still. The ball then turns slightly onto its side as it spins off the surface. This is typically done with a slow moving cricket ball so that it keeps spinning longer!

This type of shot can be hit either straight or along the ground. When batting, this is helpful because it gives the batsman more time to get set before the ball comes close for a hook or drive. As a bowler, it helps keep the batsmen very relaxed since they have to work harder to score runs.

There are some rules about how many times you can do this in an innings. But for general practice, try to do this at least twice in every match. Once as a batter and once as a bowler!

Something to watch out for is if the player swings their front foot too much then it won’t turn enough. You want to balance between being able to achieve the spin and not hitting the pitch hard.

Top edge

The top edge is one of the most basic shots in cricket. You will probably learn this shot early on in your beginner level cricket game, and if you know how to play it well, you can add some flair to your batting!

The top edge or backfoot drive is played when the batsman wants to score quickly by picking an area close to the boundary. This typically goes along the floor, which are usually not too fast so that the ball does not go out quickly.

This shot is perfect for someone who is more comfortable sitting down behind the stumps than standing up, like me! (I would say I’m proficient at both.)

Byron Bay cricketers have learned to use their top edge effectively. They make sure they pick an appropriate height to hit the ball with, and practice doing so many times before a big match.

This article will talk about some best practices for playing the top-edge shot as a beginner.

Cover drive

Best types of cricketing shots to play as beginner

The cover drive is one of the most basic shots in cricket. It is also one of the trickiest for beginners to master properly. When playing the cover shot, you pull your bat back and then swing it forward just like a normal hit but instead of hitting the ball, you cover the pitch with the blade edge.

The reason this shot is so difficult to do correctly is because you have to know when to do it. If done wrong, the blade will never get close enough to the pitch to work effectively, and thus it is useless.

Fortunately, like many other types of cricket shots, there are some best practices that can help you improve your cover drives. By practicing these routines, you should be able to achieve your goal of mastering this skill!

Practice makes perfect

Because the cover drive is such a fundamental part of the game, most professional cricketers use practice drills to hone their skills. Some very famous players even have their own special ways of training this shot.

As with any new skill, repeating the action over and over again helps you learn how to do it better and faster. There are several different practice drills you can use to teach yourself the cover shot, so why not try out some of them?

Straight drive

Best types of cricketing shots to play as beginner

The straight drive is one of the easiest types of shots in cricket. This type of shot requires you to stand at the batter’s end, wait for him to leave the ball alone, and then hit it as hard or even harder than before.

The key thing about this shot is that you have to be very confident with it because if you are not, your chance of success will be limited. That can sometimes lead to nerves getting the better of you which could result in you dropping the ball or throwing your bat away!

But once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself using it almost every time you come up against an out-swinger or off-break. Because it is so easy to do, most people learn how to play the game without ever being asked to take a direct run-up and shoot!

This isn’t too bad though, as there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t know what a straight drive looks like! So next time someone goes crazy taking a long time to pull off their first one, tell them they need to work on their technique and maybe show them how!

Straight drives are also a great way to rekindle the lost art of batting! As we all know, scoring runs is pretty difficult so when you feel like you have nothing left to give, take some time to take care of business!