Leg-side sweep

Best cricketing shots to practice on nets

The leg-side sweep is one of the most popular shots in cricket. It can be done either with a fast ball or a slower bowlers’ delivery. When performing this shot, your front foot should be slightly forward (with toes facing backward) and you should pull it back as you push off with your back foot. Your feet should then move together quickly towards the boundary for success!

This will bring your legs into a good position and give you enough power when executing the swing. To execute a perfect leg side sweep, make sure your hands are prepared early so that you do not have to rush them. You want your hand position to feel natural and comfortable so that you do not need to adjust anything while doing the shot.

Leg side sweeps are great ways to get out of bad situations. If the batsman does not leave the ground, then it becomes easier to run down the wicket and try something else. Or if he leaves the ground, then you can go up the pitch and play away from him!

Leg-side pull

Best cricketing shots to practice on nets

The leg-side pull is one of the best cricket shots you can practice on a net or field. This article will talk about how to do this shot effectively, as well as some situations where it is appropriate to use this shot in a game.

The leg side pull happens when your front foot moves laterally (sideways) and then your back foot follows by moving forward. Your feet should be parallel at the end of the move before you shoot the ball.

This shot usually comes from an off break, but you can also choose to hit a full toss or a half volley bowled round the corner. You want to make sure that when you run through the motion with your legs, your knees are slightly bent so that you don’t go too straight.

When you have practiced this enough times, you will instinctively know whether or not you hit your target. If you feel like your body is almost completely still and you don’t get much power out of the shot, try practicing with a lighter bat to see if that makes a difference for you.

Off-side dive

Best cricketing shots to practice on nets

The off-side dive is one of the most basic cricket shots, but it’s also one of the hardest for newer players to master. Because it happens so frequently in limited over games (there are six innings per game), there’t really been much need to work on this shot unless you want to play professional football!

The off-side dive comes into play when your team tries to run a defensive cover drive or drag sweep. It can be done with either the front foot or back foot, depending on how the player running the play sets up their feet before hitting the ball.

To execute the off-side dive properly, make sure your knees are slightly bent and your hips are unlocked. When you hit the ground, your legs should almost straighten out completely, like a runner coming down after a short sprint. Your arms should remain by your side until just before contact, then they should flail outward as you push yourself away from the field of play.

This will help prevent you from getting hurt too badly if you happen to collide with someone else at high speed!

Off-side drag

Best cricketing shots to practice on nets

The off-side drag is one of the most basic cricket shots. Simply put, you’re trying to hit a ball that is going towards your feet with a bat that is in front of your foot.

The off-side drag can be practiced anywhere there are enough players around. You will need a bowling machine or someone who is willing to bowl for you.

Practice: Hold your batsman up at his own half way between the pitch and back lines. As he runs forward, pull the shot trigger by stepping with your left leg and batting with your right (or vice versa). Yours should feel natural and fluid!

If you really want to test yourself, try practicing this move during a live game. If done correctly, it should become second nature!

Leg-side drive

Best cricketing shots to practice on nets

The leg-side dive or drop shot is one of the most powerful shots in cricket. Simply take a good run up, hold an open stance with your front foot slightly forward and then swing your back foot backwards as you push it away from you. As the foot touches down, pull it back up so that it lands just beyond the boundary line, setting yourself up for a spectacular diving volley!

The key thing about this shot is timing. You have to wait until just before the bounce to execute properly. If you try to do it at the last minute, then it will not work effectively. Bounces off the ground faster than the ball coming off the bat can’t be anticipated, and so the ball won’t go quite as far.

This is why you need to know when the right time is to hit the shot. By practicing this move on a net or other soft surface, you’ll find the perfect moment much more quickly!

Drop shot

Best cricketing shots to practice on nets

The drop shot is one of the most difficult shots for cricket players to perfect. It’s called the drop because you have to throw it just before the bounce so that the ball drops down onto the pitch after bouncing off the net.

The reason this is such a tough skill to master is that the batsman has to hit the ground with enough force behind the ball while keeping his front foot still! If he moves his feet or hits the ground too hard, then it won’t work.

Practicing this shot on a net will help you get the hang of it quickly. But be careful not to hurt yourself when doing it.

Top-edge shot

The top-edge shot is one of the most difficult shots for cricket players. It’s much harder than it looks! This article will go into detail about how to practice this tricky stroke.

The top edge is an outswinger, or leg side ball. You control the length by how fast you swing your bat before pressing forward with your front foot. If you pull back quickly then it’ll be a shorter ball, if you push through then it’ll be longer!

This drill should be done outside so there are no distractions like grass or uneven surfaces. When practicing this shot, make sure your feet work together and don’t get stuck in any awkward positions. Your lower body needs to be strong as well because you’ll lose balance easily when doing this shot.