The term beginner fast bowling comes with an assumption, that you will be bowling at a professional level soon. This isn’t always the case though as there are many great examples of talented individuals who didn’t make it into the professional leagues.

That doesn’t mean they gave up though! They found another way to enjoy the game and still get pleasure out of it.

Some people find success by being very creative or coming up with new strategies for the sport. Others just have natural talent that helps them dominate the sport.

Whatever your style is, if you want to learn how to bowl quickly, there are several things you can do. One of these is practicing your swing.

This article will go in depth about some drills that can help you improve your swing speed and rhythm.

Know your ball’s break

Beginners guide to fast bowling

The next thing you will want to do is determine how hard your bowling balls breaks. This information is very important as it determines how many revolutions your ball makes per minute!

Most advanced bowlers know what kind of break their ball has, whether it be a heavy roll or a lighter smooth skate. However, there are still some out there that don’t know this crucial detail!

By knowing this, you can manipulate how fast your ball rolls by adding or removing tension in your wrist. By doing this, you can learn how to control your speed with ease!

There are several ways to test your balls break. You can use our free eBook here to learn more about different breaking styles and how to identify yours!.

Practice your grip

When bowling, there are two main things you need to know how to do before you can even think about throwing the ball. The first is your grip! What position your hands are in when rolling the ball comes down to personal preference and what type of bowler you want to be.

Some professional bowlers use their thumb as the handle for the ball, whereas others use their index finger or middle finger. It really depends on which feel you desire the ball to have and what kind of spin you like to add to it.

The second part of the hand comes up next, where you hold onto the ball. Some people fold the fingers together while holding the ball, some keep them straight with a closed fist, and some have one that is very unique.

This article will go more into detail about different grips but first let’s talk about practice.

Learn how to use the different parts of your body to bowl

Beginners guide to fast bowling

When it comes down to bowling, you know what people tend to look at first? The ball! Almost every bowler looks directly into the target while throwing the ball.

That is not the best way to learn how to fast-bowl. Looking into the target can easily distract you from focusing only on the ball, which is one of the main things beginners need help with!

The next thing most people do when they start bowling is using their hand as the pivot or axis around which the ball spins. This does not work because this angle cannot be steady; you have to move your hand quickly to get the right spin.

Then there’s the grip, which is what you hold the ball in your hands by. A good starting position for a beginner is having your index finger along the side but not too far away from the butt end.

From there, you can experiment with different grips and angles until you find one that feels comfortable to you.

Watch videos of fast bowlers

Beginners guide to fast bowling

One of the most important things for anyone trying to learn how to throw a cricket ball hard is watching video clips or interviews of pro bowling players. There are many websites with large collections of such content, so look around to find the best ones!

Many professional cricketers have their own YouTube channels where they upload gameplay videos and talk about different skills and strategies. They may also do Q&A sessions or hold training seminars that you can watch online.

These videos give us great insights into what it takes to be a successful bowler and how they trained to get there. By studying these videos, you will pick up some tips and tricks from the professionals!

There are two main reasons why this is essential practice for any beginner. First, every good bowler has done work on their craft before, by studying what made them successful.

Second, even if you never become a top-level player yourself, being able to identify key features in a bowling style can help you develop your own unique approach to the game.

Practice: Invest in good footwear. A comfortable pair of shoes will make a big difference to your performance. Check out our guide to the best cricket shoes for more information.

Good cushioning underfoot helps keep your leg muscles relaxed, which contributes to faster swing speeds. Avoid thick, heavy boots as much as possible because they won’t spring back quickly when you step down on the pitch.

Learn how to pick a good pair of bowling shoes

Beginners guide to fast bowling

Choosing a new pair of bowling shoes is an important part of being a beginner or advanced bowler. There are many types of footwear for bowlers, with different features and benefits depending on the type.

Too often beginners make the mistake of buying whatever shoe they have seen or heard about before. That can be very expensive later!

As you begin your journey as a pro bowler, it is crucial that you find a comfortable pair of shoes. You want to be able to walk around comfortably and keep up repeated motions for hours at a time!

Not only that, but you also want to make sure your feet are stable so you don’t hurt yourself by falling on the ball. This could result in serious injuries like broken bones or torn ligaments.

Practice on a hard surface

Beginners guide to fast bowling

When practicing your bowling, you will want to know if there is anything that can hinder your ball from hitting the pins. This includes things such as tight muscles, heavy clothing, or poor foot position. If you feel like you need to tighten up your body, do so! That is what this game is about!

By spending time working out the different parts of your body, you will be more conscious of how they are aligned when you roll. To get better feet positions, spend some time watching professional bowlers play and learn from their mistakes.

We also recommend investing in a good pair of shoes. Bowl shoes should have very soft leather which breathes well and does not constrict your toes. Make sure they fit properly and do not cause pain after use.

Develop your swing

Beginners guide to fast bowling

The next thing you will want to do is develop your swing. When bowling, there are two main things that determine how fast or slow you go.

The first is your grip. You can use either a under-the-ball grip or an over-the-top grip. We will discuss which one is better in another article but for now just know that an under-the-ball grip creates more torque and gets the ball moving faster, while an over-the-top grip uses more of your arm strength to get the ball going.

The second factor is your lower body position. You should be able to feel like you’re sitting down when you bowled a strike. Your feet should also set up easily for your next throw.

Your upper body should be relaxed and balanced so that you don’t have to work too hard to keep it from shaking. All of these things combine into something very important: ease of action.

Ease of action means being able to bowl as quickly as possible without getting tense. This can be tricky at times because sometimes we all need some time to find our groove before we can really let ourselves relax and play basketball!

But once you do, you will see major results.

Know the different fast bowling shots

Beginners guide to fast bowling

The fastest way to become a successful bowler is by understanding your body as it moves and how you can use that knowledge to develop your skills. As mentioned before, there are three main types of bowls players often look for in a quick ball or a speed gun. They are drop-bowling, leg-breaking, and top-spinner balls.

Drop-bowlers usually throw their arm forward with some sort of wrist roll. This creates more torque on the ball which helps produce velocity. Some very good drop-ball pitchers have really strong arms so this doesn’t matter much. For most people though, weaker arms are better suited for drop-browsing because they don’t need to apply as much strength.

The other two bowling styles depend on whether or not the player has mastered the art of throwing a proper backspin on the ball. If they do, then they must know what kind of spin to put on it.

A front spinner shoots the ball almost straight up while a back spinner kicks the ball backwards slightly after it’s been thrown. Both of these spins help slow down the ball and make it seem lower in trajectory than it actually is!

There are several ways to learn how to bowl like a wizard. You can either pick one style of bowling and work on perfecting it, or try to mix and match between them all.